Friday, April 6, 2012

Hop, hop, hop - Easter Blog Hop

The Easter Hop starts today and runs through midnight on Sunday, April 8. Check out all of the authors involved in the Easter Blog Hop. Enter to win some really great prizes from a lot of awesome authors.

To win a copy of Transcend all you need to do is help me create a villain for a new idea that's still in the planning stages. He (or she) needs to be unassuming, the last person you would think would stalk someone and create havoc in their life.

Here's a little of what I know about the story:  The main character for this new story is a young college student who lives in LA and works as a stripper to pay the bills. His name is Troy. His love interest's name is Deacon. I'm still learning about Deacon. He's being very mysterious. :)

Just leave a comment with a brief description and possible name (first name only is fine) for your chance to win. I'll let everyone know on Monday who the winner is. Have fun and enjoy the hop.

The following is a list of all the LGBT authors. There area few who also write M/F along with M/M. For the full list of authors and other participating just click here.

Anne Barwell
Angela S. Stone
AJ Jarrett
Anne Brooke
A.M. Burns
Cassandre Dayne
Caroline Stephens
Charlie Cochet
DH Black
Dianne Hartsock
Dustin Adrian Rhodes
Erika Pike
Ella Jade
EM Lynley
Gabrielle Evans
Harper Kingsley
Julie Lynn Hayes
Juniper Gray
Jambrea Jo Jones
Jana Downs
J.J. Massa
Karenna Colcroft
Kayelle Allen
Lily Sawyer
L.M. Brown
NJ Nielsen
P.D. Singer
Penny Brandon
S.A. Garcia
Sean Michael
SJ Frost
Sara York
Shira Anthony
Stevie Carroll
Tabitha Rayne
Tara Lain
Viki Lyn
Zathyn Priest

Good luck, and I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.


  1. Quiet and unassuming are always the hardest. Silvie is sweet, she is alone in the world, and putting herself through school by working as a barista. She is quiet and smiles at the customers as she gives them their orders. Her life is simply there until Troy walks into the classroom and sits next to her and smiles in a friendly way. Something snaps in her mind and she knows it is love at first sight . . . she knows she cannot be wrong and that it is meant to be :) Well I tried LOL

  2. Hrmmm......

    Patrick is a TA for a Humanities course (your choice, of course) that Troy is attending. Of middle height and weight, more bookish than athletic, but still fit. Dark hair and muddy eyes leave no real room for Patrick to make much of an impression on anyone. He's always figured he was too busy to be interested in sex or relationships but as soon as Troy smiles in his direction during a lecture, Patrick starts imagining all sorts of scenarios. To see if this new spark of interest is just Troy or men in general Patrick visits a local strip club, only to find Troy working there!! This has to mean something, it's fate right?

    1. damn, got caught up and forgot my email addy, lol!

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  4. I changed my mind about that idea. I like this one instead.

    Ben studies forensics at the same college as Troy and works at the adult bookstore around the corner from the strip club. His parents say it's below his station to work at that kind of store. in that kind of area. But it's what he wants. It keeps Ben close to Troy. He can watch him come and go from the club. Usually Troy has a bunch of his gorgeous stripper friends around him and they are all laughing. Ben wishes he could get close to Troy. But what's the chance of that happening? Nobody ever notices average, brown-haired, brown-eyed Ben.

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  6. You guys are amazing. This is going to be hard because I like them all.

  7. A sanitation worker named Samil (meaning 'venom of god') average in appearance, sees Troy stripping and becomes obsessed. He starts sending Tony presents and love letters, then pictures of himself and eventually of Troy and Deaton with Deaton's eyes scratched out, all the while getting his route changed so he can go through Troy's trash. He makes a shrine to Troy and gets angry when he finds evidence of Troy having sex.

    That's about all I can think of :)

  8. Bertrand is the night manager of the Denny's (or other all night dive)where Troy often goes after work. Painfully shy he can't make himself approach Troy face to face and resorts to secretive contacts. Frustration mounts when he does not get a positive response from Troy. You're the author, I think you can take it from there.

  9. Since troy's a student, the villain could be a student as well, possibly Troy's stalker, Emily or Steve seem like innocent names.

  10. The villain could be a sandwich guy from the campus cafeteria. He is older, about 40, a bit slow, always smiling and generally liked. His name is Brad.

    Happy Easter

  11. The villain is definitely Principal Lois Bennett who's the ring leader of human trafficking with focus on young guys in the sex industry! What could be easier than weaving golden promises to cute-but-poor college boys? Especially since she stumbled in on Troy doing one of his strip acts. Wouldn't Troy much rather get paid more for the easy work of organizing a "summer camp for handicapped children" - not to mention the extra credits he would get for his week of hard work? He'll have to keep things hush-hush, though, because things are still in the planning stages and we can't have word spread to competitors - so Troy can't tell anyone that he's going to the Greenwood Camp for a "week" during Spring Break.

    Okay, that was fun, hehe.

    eripike at gmail dot com

  12. The villain is the lead characters Grandfather Earnest. He doesnt' approve of how his grandson is wasting his life and will do anything to stop him from going down the wrong path he has chosen.

    Happy Easter!

  13. Wow! What a great concept. I will stretch my creative muscle here.. There is a young lady in the same apartment complex as Troy. They live across the hall from each other. Troy has seen her many times in the past, but this time she seems sad and out of sorts. Troy, who has a soft heart and compassionate soul, strikes up a conversation. He finds that her boyfriend of 5 years left her for her best friend. They become fast friends and often turn to each other for advise. The young woman, Anna, starts to become obsessed with Troy. She starts showing up after work. She starts taking the same classes. She even runs into Troy at the store with Deacon. Things could get ugly ...

    bournmelissa at hotmail dot com

  14. The hero Troy likes to go to the library and its the little librarian who workds the front checkout desk that breaks the rules and looks
    Troy up by his library card. She also gets some innocent gal pals together to go to the strip bar. That's where it could all start, they go to the bar, she sees Troy and then he walks into the library, doesn't recognize her, she looks him up and stalks him.
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